Understand how to lead and manage

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Instagram Launches New 'Parent's Guide' to Help Better Understand and Manage Time Spent

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How to Manage Overachievers

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Change Management

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Team Management Skills

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Helping people become better consumers of healthcare

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To manage one must lead. To lead, one must understand the work that he and his people are responsible for.

It's hard enough to lead a team when you know more about the topic than your junior reports. (“Let me show you how it's done!”) But quite often, project managers hire someone (internally or externally) because they don't know anything about the topic.

Manage others like you'd like to be managed, invest in their education. It will put your employees as center of focus, and will lead to peak performance Freedom - freeom to perform, you just point to goal.

Apr 14,  · In order to manage overachievers well, you need to understand their personality type and build a relationship on trust, so they know you have their best interest in mind.

How to manage organisational change So it's imperative managers understand how to engage their team, and lead the business, in collaborating around change.

Unit of competency details

Needless to say, at the core of every long-run successful business are managers who know how to lead, manage and sell change effectively. Leaders understand that to actually lead most effectively and successfully, they need to attract people who want to follow them.

Understand how to lead and manage
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