How to write an army policy memorandum

Memorandum Templates & Examples

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Luciana Herman Page 1 of 7 Policy Memos These guidelines teach the strategies, mechanics, and structure of a basic policy memo, which then serves as the guiding document for an oral briefing of a. This is a “MEMORANDUM FOR” then whoever you are writing this memo for. If it is an internal policy letter or order it will most likely be a MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD (MFR).

If it is going to a different department or organization, put that organization name. Using the standard military addressing, the body of the letter is: I apologize for my actions of (date) where I have been accused of fraternization with a fellow soldier. I realize the impact my actions have on the soldier and my unit.

The Army dependency and hardship regulation reads as follows: (from Army Regulation (AR)Ch. 6, Sec. ): a. Dependency. Dependency exists when death or disability of a member of a Soldier’s (or spouse’s) immediate family causes that member to rely upon the Soldier for principal care or support.

Policy Memos. These guidelines teach the strategies, mechanics, and structure of a basic policy memo, which then serves as the guiding document for an oral briefing of a decision-maker.

Policy Letters/Memos How to write an army policy memorandum
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