How to write a sexual harassment policy statement

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Free Template for Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policies

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Examples of sexual harassment

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Garrison Keillor, whose soothing voice and gentle humor helped define the world’s view of Minnesota, has been dropped by Minnesota Public Radio for “inappropriate behavior” toward a co-worker. This EEO Policy Statement is a reminder that all EEOC employees are protected under the laws we enforce and may seek assistance if they believe they have been subject to unlawful employment discrimination.

Make these statements part of your policy. Investigation and outcome – Your policies should include how each incident will be investigated and what will happen at the outcome of the investigation.

Documentation – Include documentation or incident forms for both discrimination and sexual harassment. Tips for employers: getting your employees to understand your sexual harassment policy.

Officially launch the sexual harassment policy at a full staff meeting. B. Policies Do Not Address Non-Sexual Harassment.

Most agencies have a strongly-worded policy statement denouncing sexual harassment and threatening swift and severe action against employees who engage in such conduct; however, 51% of the agencies (20), 14 and 85% of one agency's sub-components (50), have polices that cover only sexual harassment.

As noted above, harassment. Vincent Cirrincione, the manager who helped launch the careers of Halle Berry and Taraji P. Henson, is the latest Hollywood gatekeeper to be accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.

How to write a sexual harassment policy statement
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Free Template for Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policies