How to write a press release email

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Press Releases

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How to Create a Press Release for your Art Exhibition

Targeting Your Announcement. By now, I've seen plenty of good press releases, a few truly great ones, and an ungodly amount of no good, horrible, downright deplorable excuses for a press release.

If you want me or anyone else in the press to give you the time of day, you either need to hire a publicist or master the art of crafting a solid press release yourself. Tina Koenig is founder of the Xpress Press News Service, the first company to distribute press releases online, and via email, to the media.

The company provides writing, editing, and press release distribution services to companies worldwide. 1. Summary: 3 design guidelines for sending press releases to journalists by email. This article is excerpted from the report on PR on Websites. (The full report is available as a free download.) See also: summary of this research on how journalists use PR sites.

The goal of this study was to review organizations’ public relations on the Web. Feb 24,  · Reputable info sources I use frequently often send useful data via press releases, but when they do that I usually go out of my way NOT to write the story write out of the press release.

A press release should be written in the third person as if someone else is writing about this event or news, other than the writer. Always send any supporting images or graphics that will be used or was a part of this event or news.

How to write a press release email
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8 Simple Steps to Formatting a Proper Press Release