How to maximize fund raising events

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4 Ways to Maximize Non-Profit Fundraising With Events

Bolder Events is a full service fundraising, event management company that works with you every step of the way to insure your event revenues are maximized. The Event. The Cirque D’ Indy Gala at the Eiteljorg Museum is presented by Tito’s Vodka and is hosted by Young Professionals of Central Indiana and Agave, the Eiteljorg museum’s young professionals network.

Fundraising Fluency Blog

These campaigns vary in size, but share the common objective of raising unprecedented funds and dramatically accelerating the organization’s capacity to make change in the world. Tranformational campaigns can expand major gifts programs if leveraged correctly.


Welcome to our coop. Founded in earlyEgg is a full-service events planning and production agency, with offices in France, Switzerland and the USA. Do you want to maximize your event revenue? Here are three strategies to get your event sponsorship program ready for this year (or any year!) Arroyo | Kathie Kramer Ryan.

How to maximize fund raising events
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How to Increase Your Charity’s Fundraising Profit